Short Description

TRUCONNECT API allows customers to fetch TRUCONNECT data to their systems through a cloud-based solution (ISO15143-3:2020 compliant). The API solution provides equipment data and relevant KPIs to help with operations and maintenance, which are subscribable to a various of data packages.


TRUCONNECT API provides a seamless and scalable way for cloud-based equipment data integrations.

Possible problem(s) without TRUCONNECT API:

  • Logging in to multiple OEM portals and other platforms to seek relevant data of the equipment

  • Manually tracking basic data directly from crane (e.g. running hours)

  • Manually copying data from multiple places to a central CMMS/EAM/ERP system

Solution with TRUCONNECT API:

  • Standardized API (ISO 15143-3:2020 compliant) of asset TRUCONNECT data integrable to any capable customer system (e.g., CMMS/EAM/TOS/ERP)

  • Includes Basic and Premium set of enhanced data packages, automatically tracking set of actionable data

  • Data can be automatically fetched to a customer system via the interface, allowing automated flow for data-based triggers within the system (e.g., service requests/work orders based on set data intervals/condition)

Features & Benefits

  • Automated: APIs allow to by-pass manual checking. Service requests or work orders can be triggered by pre-defined or critical asset data automatically

  • Efficient: APIs provide reliable results, no need to manually input values from assets as the values are added directly into customer’s systems

  • Flexible: Central system to work with. Can be integrated to any existing capable system

  • Integrated: APIs can integrate across all capable TOS/ERP/CMMS/EAM systems, delivering your equipment data to you, in whichever way you need

Awarded ISO/IEC 27001 certification for information security management ​

Applicable Assets Type

All Ports assets equipped with TRUCONNECT

Prerequisites for Data Access

TRUCONNECT needs to be installed on the asset to receive the data via the API.

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