Getting started

Our APIs give access to your or your clients crane and other asset data as well as important measures, like hour many hours the machines have been running.

Below is brief intro how you can start using our API's.


Sign up to use our APIs

Do you already have an account with Konecranes' Developer Portal? Sign in with the same credentials or register as a new user.

Remember to allow popups for the developer portal in your browser! Both the sign in and the "Try it!" -features in API pages use this to handle authentication.

Sign up or sign in

Use the right API product

Look around in the Products section for API products available for you. When you sign in, you may have visibility to more products. If you know you should use a specific API product but it's not visible to you after signing in, contact our support.

When you find a product you like, subscribe to it to obtain a subscription key. You will need this key to make API calls. Wait for the administrator to approve your subscription.

Browse API's

Try out our APIs

You can try out the APIs with the "Try it!"-feature next to the API's documentation in the portal. If you have signed in, your subscription key and user credentials are automatically filled in. You just need to confirm the selected user in the authorization popup that opens when you start the "Try it!". 

When you try the API, you can first just use the static mock responses that come from the examples. You can use these to understand how the API works and to develop your code (our portal provides you with code examples at the bottom of the "Try it" overlay. Just choose your preferred language from the "HTTP Request" list.

Example request:

Body: { "grant_type": "client_credentials", "audience": "", "client_id": "{client-id}", "client_secret": "{client-secret}" }

Use the retrieved access token as a Bearer token in the Authorization header of API calls.

GET /assets Authorization: "Bearer Gcddnp6...GEmSgnt",

Note: The token is valid for 24 hours and can be used for all API calls. Please use the token until it expires, do not create a new token for each new request.


In addition to the subscription key, most of our APIs use token-based authentication with OAuth2. 

When you want to start testing or go to production, register your application to get client id and secret and set callback urls.

Use the client and and secret to get an access token that you use in the APIs.

Ready to go live with our APIs?

You or your client needs to have a maintenance agreement, partner agreement or another form of a data subscription with us. When you are ready to go to integration testing and production, submit a request to link your agreement details to your developer account to start using the APIs. 

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Are your assets such as cranes custom built and need custom APIs? Didn't find an API to meet your needs? Please contact us.