CheckApp Data

Short Description

CheckApp is a mobile application to record inspections and preventative maintenances quickly and accurately. The API solution grants direct access to the generated reports.


CheckApp gives a digitalized and cost-effective way for recording and retrieving inspection reports, that can be marked either as passed, cautionary or failed. Further detailed text, photo or video describing the scenario can also be used to enhance the specific findings. It also allows the users to add and modify their own checklists for any preventative maintenance or inspection, which will help to keep track of the equipment condition and statutory requirements and get access to the data directly.

CheckApp API is a cloud-based API solution that provides the user-generated CheckApp asset reports to any capable system. With CheckApp API, a user can request reports made for assets (shows asset and report status) and individual asset report details.

Features & Benefits

CheckApp API allows a quick and automated reaction to potential issues:

  • Failed reports can be used automatically to trigger a service request / work order within a relevant CMMS for a quick reaction on potential issues, thus eliminating the manual work of going through reports and having immediate report on planning crane availability

  • Historical report analysis allows users to easily see the least/most reported assets, thus allowing easier prioritization on certain detected assets (smart maintenance)

CheckApp has been Awarded ISO/IEC 27001 certification for information security management

Prerequisites for Data Access

Requires the use of CheckApp to generate data on the reports.

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