Integrated Browsing and Ordering (Your ERP)


Integrated browsing & ordering (Your ERP) allow customers to build a direct catalogue browsing and part ordering flow within their own ERP system. Integrated browsing & ordering (Your ERP) APIs consist of Ordering API and Open Catalogue Interface (OCI).

  • Open Catalogue Interface is a way for customers to ”bring web shop into their ERP” by being able to browse the catalogues and able to add the parts to cart through the API

  • Integrated browsing & ordering (Your ERP) is a way for the customers to automatically place orders and query the delivery status

The API co-operates directly with Konecranes Store.

  • Orders sent via API are visible in Store

  • Orders built in Konecranes Store are listed in the Status endpoint

Features & Benefits

Integrated browsing & ordering (Your ERP) allows customers to make spare part orders directly from SAP to KC SAP.

  • Ordering through API allows for faster and more efficient way to order parts, also in larger quantities

  • Ability to automate the orders, where the operational buyer can concentrate on other tasks

  • Reduce costs of purchasing through automation flow

Prerequisites for Data Access

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